The Sales Process, Closing More Sales, Raising Expectations

Today I was interviewed by Lee Salz, host of Secrets of Business Gurus, an internet radio talk show.  Today’s topic was “Sales Process Home Runs“.  (It’s so nice whem my interviewers tie baseball into our interviews!) We talked about the importance of a sales process and what’s involved in building one.  We also talked about hiring the right salespeople to sell within that process.  Click here to listen to this compelling 30-minute discussion.

Speaking of Lee, he’s a very busy guy.  He also runs Business Expert Webinars and I’ll be featured on 10/16/08 at 11:30 AM ET. I’ll be explaining “How to Close More Sales by Shortening Your Sales Cycle“.  If you would like to register for the webinar, simply click here.

And speaking of speaking, if you’re in the New England area, I’ll be keynoting at an Executive Luncheon in Waltham on October 29.  “Raising Expectations and Elevating Performance” is my topic.  If you would like to attend that event, I can even arrange for a complimentary ticket.  Simply click here for more information and to register.

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