Chris Mott, President, Corporate Training

“Listen for the advice your intuition provides and, more importantly, act on it!  – When you hear yourself say, ‘This doesn’t sound right’, open your mouth and say something like, ‘I’m confused; you said ‘X’ can you please clarify that for me?”

Chris Mott

Chris Mott, President of Corporate Training
Chris Mott

Chris Mott is President of Corporate Training at Kurlan & Associates, Inc. In his role at the Company, he has successfully helped to grow sales in over 100 industries worldwide, including channels such as distribution, reselling, manufacturing, telesales, Internet, direct sales, technical sales, conceptual sales, products and services.

For nearly 20 years, Chris has worked with executives on the development and implementation of management programs that influence positive growth. With an extensive recruiting and hiring background, he offers clients expertise in all realms of business development practices. His excellent group and one-on-one coaching talents have favorably influenced bottom-line results for client companies, as well.

Chris Mott is recognized as a sales industry expert. Prior to joining Kurlan & Associates in the mid-90’s he successfully led sales organizations to increased sales and implemented better management systems.

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The Evanston Group
Credit Registry
PCI Synthesis
Concierge Auctions
Advanced Laboratory Testing
Brady Corporation
Action Stainless
Yaskawa America
Kratos Networks
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Range of Topics

  • Sales Process
  • Sales Methodology
  • Consultative Selling
  • Solution Selling
  • The Challenger Sale
  • Baseline Selling
  • Inside Sales
  • Lead Follow Up
  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Closing
  • Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Differentiating in the Field
  • Territory Sales
  • Major Account Sales
  • Sales Management Functions
  • Pipeline and Metrics
  • Accurate Sales Forecasts
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Accountability
  • Sales Selection and Recruiting
  • On Boarding New Salespeople

Speaking Engagements Include

CEO Club of Boston
EcSell Institute
CEO Rounds Tables
Vistage International
Techserve Alliance
HR Summit
The Sales Management Association

Written Testimonials from attendees of Speaking Engagements

“Excellent presentation very impressed.” Thomas J. Hawke, Carpenter Hawke & Co., LLC

“Very informative, especially around topics of recruiting and Top 5 points of great sales management. Excellent!” Jack CourtneyVP Sales, Progressive Gourmet

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did at the Executive Luncheon last Wednesday. Your presentation definitely allowed me to open my eyes and mind into different aspects of selling, recruiting, and even see weaknesses as well as strengths in myself. ” Salvatore MigliaccioDirector of Sales, Basket Impressions

“I have NEVER heard such a well-thought out, logical, concise, yet all-inclusive, presentation of how to organize, hire, train, and manage a sales team in my 24+ year career. I definitely want to meet with you and to act on what I’ve heard.”Keith CrownoverCEO, Delta Health Technologies

“That was really useful information and he was clearly one of the best presenters I ever heard.” Alice Clark, State College PA.

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the CEO luncheon…I was impressed with the way you were able to relate to the audience and I know it was very well received.” Lauren E. GrecoDirector, Marketing and Public Relations, Xonitek Systems Corporation

“Dave – my management team and I thoroughly enjoyed your talk yesterday at the Des Moines Country Club.” Terry Peters, Citadel Broadcasting

“Great, good balance of examples and theory. Very interactive with audience!”

“This is the kind of stuff I came to hear at this conference!!” Vince Garmon, Key Communications

“This is the first (out of 5) seminar that I can actually use” Scott Adams, Deck House

“Excellent speaker with great new ideas. Enthusiastic, motivating, highly knowledgeable – really enjoyed this program! Saw him last year – this year he’s even better”

“Definitely a return speaker! Great ideas – revolutionary approach. Really made me think”

“The best by far! Out-classed all other speakers in value delivered” Joe Johns, Dataproducts

“Best info on salespeople I have been to. Super. All sales driven companies should hire Dave” Donald Cook, Yankee Equipment Systems

“Exceptional tips, unique insights into a difficult process”

“Good content and presentation. Highly recommended.”

“Best Presentation next to Sears CEO Keynote Address!”

“This session uncovered a whole new way of looking at and evaluating my sales force which will be of enormous benefit in my company” James Palinicas, Plasticoid Company

“After ten years of hearing and reading about how to improve sales productivity I finally learned something from Kurlan” –Paul Machler Case

“Dynamic speaker…full of good practical info; would love to hear more from him” – Ann Batler iHABLA! Inc.

“Cuts through BS. Well worth the time – will contact him for consulting” Sam Cramer, Aluminum Ladder

“An interesting session with new approaches and a different point of view. Dave Kurlan’s content is worthy of more scheduled time. Bring him back and provide more time!” Doug Cannon, Level 1 Technologies

“Very good – good ideas, good energy level…a great workshop – one of the best” Brian Phillips, TAI