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(A+ – Must Read)

Novice and veteran salespeople alike will find much in Baseline Selling to improve their game.

A solid and readable book about selling, based on the metaphor of playing baseball. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, this offers very helpful information. If you love baseball and you sell, then this book is a must!

Baseline Selling is very strongly recommended to all readers interested in a more persuasive and effective tactical approach to selling their businesses product or service in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.

MBR: The Business Shelf

This is a great book for anyone in any level of sales. Having been in sales for over 20 years and having listened to countless sales gurus, including Dave, I finished this book with at least 12 new ideas about selling that we will use in selling our services and that we will teach to our clients.

ACTG Review

…that’s why Dave Kurlan’s Baseline Selling is such a breath of fresh air…more importantly, in this book, he’s the Miller Huggins, Tony LaRussa and Leo Durocher of selling. He will coach you through every step of the sales process with baseball analogies that work – and stick.

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Highly recommended

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