Dennis Connelly, President, Corporate Training

“We move past our barriers when we figure out that we put them there. Sales success follows when we identify them, and get out of our own way.”

Dennis Connelly

President of Corporate Training
Dennis Connelly

With a record of entrepreneurship spanning 30 years and eight companies, Dennis Connelly brings powerful lessons to business leaders. With over 100 sales training sessions and 400 leadership coaching sessions last year alone, Dennis helps sales leaders, executives, and CEOs to better understand their role, move past barriers, and deliver their greatest impact.

Dennis trains and coaches clients across a broad range of industries, including technology, healthcare, television, creative, staffing, heavy equipment, building materials, and others. As a trainer, he brings a comprehensive and fundamental approach to organizations, helping people develop skills and create systems and processes to build world-class sales organizations.

Dennis is a senior consultant at the elite sales development team of Kurlan & Associates, a SellingPower “Top 20 Sales Training Company” and National Sales Training Association “Top 10 Trainers for 2017.” With core experience in strategy, growth, sales, finance, management, operations, and raising capital, he brings a CEO’s perspective to help clients get unstuck, make necessary changes, and achieve the success they envision for their companies and themselves.

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Nice Shoes

Heavy Equipment
Caterpillar/Alban CAT

IT Staffing
Holland Square Group
Brixton Group

Fiber Composites
Impact Power Tech
TMC Industries
Bluestream Labs

Best Imaging
Munroe Studios

Bonten Media Group
Sinclair Broadcasting Group



Real Estate
Build Ohio
Choice Property Resources

Iron Mountain
Akken Cloud
Koury Engineering
SC&H Group

Dominion Raceway

Networking and Cyber Security

Speaking Engagements Include

SHRM Human Resource Conference – Nashville, TN
Fiber Composites National Sales Meeting – Charlotte, NC
Venture Forum – Worcester, MA
Wellpet National Sales Meeting Keynote – New Orleans, LA
Mass Bankers Association Keynote – Boston, MA
Hubspot Corporate Event – Cambridge, MA
Axial Partners Corporate Event – New York, NY
Sales Leadership Intensive – Boston, MA
Alban CAT Corporate Event – Baltimore, MD
Pulse Network Inbound Marketing Summit – Boston, MA
Startup Leadership Program – New York, NY

Range of Topics

  • Sales Process
  • Sales Methodology
  • Consultative Selling
  • Solution Selling
  • The Challenger Sale
  • Baseline Selling
  • Inside Sales
  • Lead Follow Up
  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Closing
  • Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Differentiating in the Field
  • Territory Sales
  • Major Account Sales
  • Sales Management Functions
  • Pipeline and Metrics
  • Accurate Sales Forecasts
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Accountability
  • Sales Selection and Recruiting
  • On Boarding New Salespeople

Written Testimonials from attendees of Speaking Engagements

“Dennis understands what it takes to build a professional sales organization built on consistently executing sales process. He takes that knowledge and counsels how to raise the professionalism of your sales team. As a presenter, Dennis is engaging and earns your attention. As a coach, Dennis is candid, confident in the solutions he offers, and consistent. It does not take long to grasp that Dennis’ confidence and consistency are borne of his own rich experience on the front lines of sales leadership.”
Dick R., Vice President and General Manager

“Dennis has been an immeasurably valuable resource, not only because he has been in my shoes, but because he brings paradigm-shifting, actionable ideas that have helped me clear away obstacles. As a speaker, Dennis is knowledgeable, warm and engaging, and passionate about sales. His sales training gave me the knowledge and the confidence to close more deals. One coaching session, in particular, gave me insights that helped us close our largest deal ever.”
Michelle D., President

“In the current sales environment, it continues to become more difficult to teach your sales team how to differentiate themselves from everyone else. [Dennis] tackles all scientific aspects thoroughly and provides a sound basis for teaching, coaching, and accountability with your sales staff.”
Dan H., Sales Manager

“This is my fourth sales workshop and I have found it to be by far the most useful. Great speaker.”
Tom L., Sales Manager

“Very impactful.”
Ed H., Sales Manager