CEO or President


CEO and Board Members in a meetingNothing is more important to a CEO than the synergy and alignment resulting from a powerful, effective, engaged Leadership Team. But not all Leadership Teams fit that description. Evaluate your Leadership Team to learn what impact it has on revenue, identify gaps where crucial roles are not being filled effectively, identify opportunities to work more effectively together, and develop skills that your leadership team must have. Our Leadership Capabilities and Improvement Analysis was developed from the ground up to be used specifically with a Leadership Team.


Most companies have already eliminated every expense that can be cut and the only remaining area where a CEO can improve profitability is by significantly increasing revenue. How? By optimizing the sales force so that the entire team is generating more revenue, more consistently, and at greater margins. The first step toward that goal is to evaluate the sales force. A sales force evaluation answers the most pressing questions you have, including whether the existing people can execute your strategy, the impact of sales management, whether you have the right people in the right roles, whether you’ve been hiring the right people, which of your non-performers can become performers, how much better they can become, what it will take to get them there, why their results are the way they are, and much more. Learn more about the Sales Force Evaluation.

Following a sales force evaluation, you’ll want to develop a sales process or optimize the one you have, optimize your sales pipeline, and develop metrics that actually drive revenue.  You’ll also want your sales manager(s) developed so that they can have the desired impact on revenue by effectively coaching, motivating and developing their salespeople while holding them accountable to the agreed upon metrics. And when everything else is in place, you’ll want your salespeople to become more effective at overcoming resistance, developing opportunities and closing new business. Learn more about Training.