Dave Kurlan, CEO

“Commit to being the best and doing whatever it takes to succeed.”

Dave Kurlan
Dave Kurlan, CEO
Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan is a top-rated speaker, best selling author, radio show host, successful entrepreneur and sales development industry pioneer. He was inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in 2012.

Dave is the founder and CEO of Objective Management Group, Inc. (OMG), the industry leader in sales assessments and sales force evaluations and named the Top Sales Assessment Tool from 2011 – 2020. Dave is also the CEO of Kurlan & Associates, Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in sales force development. He possesses 35 plus years of experience in all facets of sales development, including consulting, training, coaching, recruiting, systems, processes, and metrics.

Dave has been a top-rated speaker at Inc. Magazine’s Conference on Growing the Company, the Sales & Marketing Management Conference, the Sales 2.0 Conference, Inbound, and the Gazelles/Fortune Sales & Marketing Summit.

He has been featured on radio, television and in print, including World Business Review, Inc. Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine and Incentive Magazine. Dave is a columnist at Top Sales Magazine.

He is the author of Mindless Selling and the best-seller, Baseline Selling – How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know about the Game of Baseball. He created and wrote STAR, a proprietary recruiting process for hiring great salespeople, and he writes Understanding the Sales Force, voted the Top Sales & Marketing Blog from 2011 – 2020. He is a contributing author to 4 other books including Stepping Stones, with coauthors Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield.

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Chris Mott, President, Corporate Training

“Listen for the advice your intuition provides and, more importantly, act on it!  – When you hear yourself say, ‘This doesn’t sound right’, open your mouth and say something like, ‘I’m confused; you said ‘X’ can you please clarify that for me?”

Chris Mott
Chris Mott, President of Corporate Training
Chris Mott

Chris Mott is President of Corporate Training at Kurlan & Associates, Inc. In his role at the Company, he has successfully helped to grow sales in over 100 industries worldwide, including channels such as distribution, reselling, manufacturing, telesales, Internet, direct sales, technical sales, conceptual sales, products and services.

For nearly 20 years, Chris has worked with executives on the development and implementation of management programs that influence positive growth. With an extensive recruiting and hiring background, he offers clients expertise in all realms of business development practices. His excellent group and one-on-one coaching talents have favorably influenced bottom-line results for client companies, as well.

Chris Mott is recognized as a sales industry expert. Prior to joining Kurlan & Associates in the mid-90’s he successfully led sales organizations to increased sales and implemented better management systems.

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