Non-Profit Director or Chair

Board Members in a meetingTwo of the most difficult aspects of directing a non-profit in today’s difficult economy are leveraging your board of directors and generating donations and revenue from services.

The board, especially your executive committee, should be a powerhouse of leaders, who came together for their mutual passion for your cause, to leverage their synergy, experience and ideas to help your organization define and achieve its goals. Unfortunately, it hardly ever works like that. We can help you get your board, executive committee and/or leadership team working much more effectively together by identifying the gaps in leadership styles which, when filled, make the team much more effective. Our Leadership Capabilities and Improvement Analysis was built from the ground up, not only for the board room, but for the non-profit board room!

When it comes to generating revenue, your fund-raising group needs to overcome resistance and increased competition for reduced amounts of available funding, and the people selling corporate and consumer services are trying to get money that no longer exists! Although you don’t use this word, we do, and it’s called selling. We can help you learn more about the capabilities of the people you have in the funding roles and help you develop their effectiveness doing it. If you don’t have the right people in those roles, we can help you select people who could have a greater impact on your ability to fulfill the organization’s mission.