Attendee Testimonials

“This terrific training really opened my eyes to what I needed to be spending my time on as a sales leader. All of the presenters were great. The information was impactful. The presenters allowed plenty of time for us to ask questions and find examples that fit our needs. I really loved the content. I have found it very easy to transfer what I learned to my team. The analogies are terrific. Dave kept me on the seat of my chair. I loved the examples – they really kept me intrigued. I want more.”

– Michael Benson, VP Sales, Triumvirate Environmental

“Thank you for the Sales Leadership Intensive training last week. I appreciate your willingness to lead and flexibility to customize the 3 days to such a small group. Speaking of the group, it was a pleasure to be a part of such a motivated, open, and professional group of people. The sharing among the team helped to drive home the course teachings, plus helped me gain a better understanding of the challenges I now face growing revenues at IPS. Sales Leadership INTENSIVE is a proper title for the course since a lot of valuable information was covered in a short period of time. Despite your challenge Dave, you kept it fun , interactive, and relevant – especially tying the main themes of the course back to movie clips! I truly appreciate your help with my “ramp up” at IPS and your future support as a valued resource to the IPS sales and management teams!”

– John Petrella, VP Sales, Industrial Packaging

“Thank YOU again for a phenomenal three days. The recruiting book = the bible for building a sales force. My friend Jack Daly always says, a sales manager’s job is to grow sales force in quantity and quality, and the STAR book is the ultimate book on “how to”. And the methods for coaching on the right skill/ weakness at the right time and using clear process to drive accountability made perfect sense. I feel extremely confident that I will develop the sales management skills down the road to ensure my company reaches its lofty goals.”

– Jeffrey Gleich, President, G & G Manufacturing

“The sales leadership intensive course was transformational for me. It has provided me with a framework for success and a clear roadmap on how to get there. My biggest realization is how much I need to change my leadership style before I can begin to require of my sales team, the kind of change and accountability that this course teaches. The modules on coaching, motivation and development provide powerful tools for shaping the sales environment and managing a team through individualized support and attention.

I would recommend the course to any sales manager looking to build a team for the long term.”

– Damien Dossin, Vice President of Sales, Topline Products Company, Inc.