Derek Baer, Vice President, Corporate Training

Derek Baer is the Vice President of Business Development at Kurlan & Associates. Derek works with companies in need of improving their overall sales effectiveness, helps uncover untapped growth potential, determines which tools will be most effective, assists in developing the right coaching partnerships, and supports our clients in a myriad of other areas.

With a strong background in sales, sales management, and communication, clients enjoy Derek’s knowledge along with his warmth and relaxed style. From excelling as a former Vice President, Territory Manager, Senior Account Executive, and Event Coordinator, his understanding of how leadership can positively impact sales culture offers our clients a holistic view of their sales organizations from various perspectives.

Derek studied communications and business at Washington State University. In his earlier years, he played collegiate baseball and was the team captain at Olympic College. Derek coaches youth baseball, and has a passion for helping sales leaders get to the next level.

Dennis Connelly, President, Corporate Training

“We move past our barriers when we figure out that we put them there. Sales success follows when we identify them, and get out of our own way.”

Dennis Connelly
Dennis Connelly, VP of Business Development
Dennis Connelly

Dennis Connelly’s record of entrepreneurship spans 30 years. He has founded, co-founded, and built eight companies from start-up to scalable to maturity, that were either sold, merged, or remain on-going, and he has learned powerful lessons that apply to any company in any industry. His primary skill is finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems, using creativity, team work, and sometimes the sheer force of will.

Dennis’ specialties include executive leadership, sales management, business growth and development, and raising capital. He has substantial experience in sales development, product creation, training, coaching, and operations management.

Prior to joining Kurlan & Associates, Inc., Dennis built a nationwide network of manufacturers to serve his distribution clients, and trained and coached hundreds of existing sales personnel in the channel. He also hired and trained his own sales force and in five years, expanded operations from two to seven manufacturing locations.

With core experience in strategy, growth, finance, and operations, Dennis provides C-level perspective to help clients get unstuck, make necessary changes, and achieve the success they envision for their companies and themselves.

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Gary Whitworth, Vice President, Sales Strategy

Gary Whitworth, VP of Sales Strategy
Gary Whitworth

Gary Whitworth is a former NCAA Division I athlete who brings his lifelong passion for competition and personal connection to sales. A top-rated sales performance executive with extensive sales strategy and process expertise, he has 35 plus years of experience in all areas of sales growth, including consulting, sales process design and implementation, new client retention programs, training, systems, proactive revenue growth processes, metrics, sales effectiveness and sales candidate assessments.

He has a passion for consultative selling, sales training, leveraging and orchestrating internal team resources, referral programs, winning new business with new and existing clients, delivering robust solutions, working with cross-functional teams and forging integrated profitable partnerships.

Gary has held several national sales executive strategy positions at companies including Bank of America, LendingTree and several start-up initiatives.

His leadership drove highly profitable sales-related initiatives (including the design, creation and implementation) for Bank of America’s Wealth Management and Private Bank and LendingTree’s national sales team.

He has an extensive record in multiple disciplines including finance, B2B/ B2C e-commerce, banking, enterprise account sales and management, SaaS enterprise sales solutions, organizational optimization and leveraging key data insights to exponentially grow customer base and achieve revenue targets. Gary has broad expertise in scaling business.

Gary is married and has four children. He is an avid mountain biker and enjoys traveling – especially off the beaten path.