Sales Candidates – Their Assessments Come to Life

In most interviews, you can watch a sales candidate’s assessment come to life.  The more weaknesses they have, the more you’ll see them behave in a way that demonstrates those weaknesses.  You’ll never see those weaknesses in more detail, than when the candidate objects to some part of the recruiting process.  I posted an article last May 13 that a candidate took issue with.  If you read the thread of comments below the article, you can see how the candidate’s weaknesses were extremely evident in his writing.

Today another candidate complained to her prospective employer about the process.  She wasn’t feeling the love, they weren’t making a fuss over her, she resented having to sell herself, felt they should have been selling her, wanted companies to compete for her, etc.  So it was no wonder when her assessment revealed that she lacked commitment, made excuses, became emotionally involved, had need for approval and made excuses for her lack of results.

If you have a world-class sales recruiting process in place the strongest candidates will show like cream – they will rise to the top – while the weakest candidates will be exposed for what they are.  If you utilize the proper assessment in the proper step of the process, you’ll have the equivalent of a crystal ball to predict a candidate’s sales performance.

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