More Hirable Sales Candidates

Objective Management Group Inc.’s latest statistics show that when a company assesses all of it’s sales candidates as the first step in the process, they will net as many as 50% more hirable candidates. When companies assessed their final candidates, those who they had already interviewed by phone or face to face, the average percentage of hirable candidates was around 20%. When they assessed all candidates prior to any interview, they percentage of hirable candidates was closer to 30%.

Not only are companies compliant with EEOC guidelines when assessing at their first step, they are also identifying strong candidates that their gut, eyes, ears and experience were telling them to eliminate. The other benefit that comes from assessing all of the candidates in the first step is the ability to perform phone and live interviews with only hirable candidates, saving an incredible amount of time.

To learn more about the process and the assessment, see Objective Management Group’s Express Screens for Sales Candidates.

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