The Holidays are a Great Metaphor for Sales Success

Which do you anticipate more?

The gifts that you will receive?  What will it be?  Could it be what you were hoping for?  Will it be smelly socks? Will you have to return it? Will you love it? Will you hate it?


The gifts that you present? Will they be surprised?  Will they be delighted?  Will they be speechless?  Will they know how much thought you put into it?  Will they be appreciative?

I can only speak for myself but I couldn’t care any less about what I get, but I sure get nervous – more nervous than any other thing I can imagine – when I’m giving a thoughtful gift.  If you focus on the gifts you’ll get you’ll certainly miss the entire point of this great holiday season.

Sales success works much the same way.  If you focus on your prospect, the value you’re providing,  the questions that will cause them to think differently, about their business, their challenges and you, and what you can do to help them, you can delight them and get them to buy from you.  If you focus on yourself and your needs – to present, to talk about capabilities, your company, your need for approval and your desire to do business with them, you’ll miss the point of the sales call.