Sales Manager Resigns After Reading Assessment Results

This blog began several years ago as a way for me to share real-world case histories from the world of sales team evaluations and sales candidate assessments.  Questions from readers often sent it off in other directions, covering development and leadership issues as well.  Today’s post is a throw back – anecdotes from the field…

Yesterday, one of our sales development experts delivered the findings from the evaluation of a company’s sales team. We looked at their people, strategies, systems and processes.  Two of the many findings we reported to the CEO were that 1) their Sales Manager was untrainable (won’t change) and 2) he would agree with most of the findings relative to his sales management ineffectiveness.

The sales manager did agree with the findings and offered his resignation immediately after he completed reading his personal assessment.  He said, “It says I need to set goals and I did that once and am not doing it again!”

You can’t get better, faster feedback on the accuracy of the findings! He’s not willing to change.

Our sales development expert told the CEO to accept the resignation and the CEO was thrilled with how quickly the situation sorted itself out.