Sales Emotions and Out of Control Salespeople

One of the weaknesses we often identify is when salespeople become emotionally involved.  This isn’t a case of them getting too close to their prospects, customers and clients as much as it is a case of them reacting emotionally.  When salespeople become emotional, they don’t see things as objectively, react when they should respond and don’t present themselves as effectively and professionally as when they are under control.

It happens when things don’t go the way they expected and they get frustrated or angry.

It happens when things don’t move as quickly as they hoped and they become impatient or anxious.

It happens when a prospect surprises them with an objection and they panic.

It happens when they go into a slump and get scared.

I see the most examples of these problems with candidates who email a prospective employer (damage control) after taking the assessment, who email me after they fail to get a job (must be my fault) or after they have self-destructed in an interview.

In most cases, hours of practice can help salespeople develop the resiliency needed to maintain control.  That same practice prepares them with the proper questions, tactics, strategies and responses to the questions, objections and opinions that could otherwise get them derailed.

What are you doing to assure that your salespeople maintain their emotions at all times?

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