Developing Salespeople – a Hidden Finding

I stumbled upon a new discovery this week while reevaluating a sales organization.  It appears that when the development process is under way, even those salespeople who did not have the Tendency to Become Emotional prior to training, develop this weakness very quickly.

Why?  They have a lot more to think about, like:

call objectives;
following the process;
listening for compelling reasons to buy;
asking more questions;
asking better questions;
asking tougher questions;
qualifying harder;
actually closing;
not taking put-offs;
awareness of how their weaknesses could impact the call;

(It’s funny, but this is nearly the same list I included in the Curt Schilling post about whether salespeople could be motivated to do the things they aren’t comfortable doing.)

So when salespeople are thinking about what they need to do rather than just doing it (think golf lessons, tennis lessons, skiing lessons, etc. and how they affect your game), they will be emotionally involved – even when they are supposedly getting better in every other area.