Sales Superstars – An Obsession with Winning

I was speaking in Cincinnati yesterday and got to the topic of the crucial elements for sales success.  I was talking about the single most important element, Desire for Success, or how badly a salesperson wants to succeed in sales.

After my talk I was approached by Tom Nies, a blogger and the CEO of Cincom.  He suggested that we look beyond sales to all the famous winners in sports, entertainment, business and politics.  Those who have achieved the highest level of success possess another trait that goes beyond their desire for success.  He said that these special people “are obsessed with winning.”

Of course, obsession has it’s down side.  Those with an obsession often need therapy for their unbalanced life, sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law and often aren’t the most wonderful people to be around.  But we can learn something from Tom’s comments.

If we place obsession with sales success (a sales winner with no life) on the top end of the scale  and a passing interest in sales success (a mediocre at best salesperson with a great family and social life) on the bottom end of the scale we could certainly hope our salespeople would be closer to the top – but with a balanced life.  Rather than obsession, I would suggest a near-obsession with sales success might be just what we need from the people we expect to become over-achievers.  We want them to have a life, but during the time they work on our businesses, it would be wonderful for them to be nearly obsessed with winning in sales.

Thanks Tom, for your words of wisdom and all of the wonderful things you do in the world.

Would you like to identify the people in your sales organization who have the strongest desire to achieve sales success but haven’t yet arrived because of their hidden weaknesses?  We can do that!

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