Golf School Lessons for the Sales Force

I finished my training at Golf School and found that a lot of it was transferrable to sales.

One Swing – the same swing – for all your shots.  This equates to one process – the same process – for all of your opportunities.  It doesn’t change, you don’t manipulate it, and it is much easier to remember with less to change.

Simple – instead of lots of moving parts, a body in synch, in tempo, with a rhythm.  This equates to simple questions that begin with an adverb that get your salespeople and your prospects and customers into a fluid conversation to uncover their compelling reasons to buy.

A World-Class Finish – on all swings (not chips and putts).  Like a world-class recruiting process for hiring of all sales personnel.

Light Grip – as in no pressure, just like sales calls ought to be, no pressure.

Alignment Must be Perfect – as in your salespeople must target the right prospects with the right title.

17 Inches Past the Hole – You can’t score if it doesn’t reach the cup equates to your salespeople can’t close if they fail to reach the prospects.

Bunker Boards – The best way to practice hitting out of the sand is to hit out of the sand when you’re not in the sand, thus, bunker boards!  This equates to the importance of your salespeople practicing every challenging facet of the sales process, but with other salespeople, not prospects.

Teacher Clips – They mount on the putter and train you to hit every putt on the sweet spot, with the proper putter alignment to help you score more often.  This equates to mastering the close, so that you nail it just right.

Putting Mirrors – So you can tell if your eyes are directly over the ball and your shoulders are rotating back and forth like a pendulum.  This equates to talking in front of a mirror so you can tell whether you are smiling when you talk.

Distance Control – Backswing or club loft will control the distance of your pitches and putts, not how hard you swing.  How far you go in the sales process depends on how much you wind up and talk.  More distance equals less talk.

(c) Copyright 2008 Dave Kurlan