A Dose of Guy Kawasaki for Your Sales Force

Guy Kawasaki is in so many places these days that I would be extremely surprised if you didn’t know him or his work.

Author – Guy has written The Art of the Start; Selling the Dream; How to Drive Your Competition Crazy; The Macintosh Way; Rules for Revolutionaries and more!

Columnist – He writes a monthly column in Entreprenneur Magazine called Wise Guy.

Blog – He writes the popular Blog How to Change the World

Entrepreneur – He is the founder of Garage Technology Ventures

One of the Guy’s philosophies, evangelizing, can help your sales team.  Sometimes salespeople are way too matter of fact in their calls and meetings, failing to tell the company’s story.  While I believe they can never ask too many questions, they still need to be able to evangelize what your company stands for, the problems you solve and why customers are choosing to do business with you.  Another one of his helpful hints is his 10/20/30 Rule of Power Point.

In a recent email exchange, Guy told me about his newest venture, Truemors, one of his attempts to change the world.  Guy’s said, “Think of it as ‘NPR for your eyes’–filled with eclectic and off-the-beaten-path stories that makes life more interesting.”  I checked it out today and it’s pretty cool – stories that you don’t read in the paper or hear on the news.  Some of the stories make great conversation at the beginning of sales calls.  They are so varied and interesting that they certainly can be the end of, “did you hear about _________________?”

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