Sales and Sales Management One Liners

When you think of one-liners, you probably expect one-liners that help you close a deal or handle objections. In this article, my one-liners are exactly that. MY ONE LINERS – favorite originals I challenge my audiences with. Here are my top ten:

  • How many salespeople would you hire if you knew they would all succeed?
  • The concept of reaching goals is outdated. We should be striving for overachievement.
  • The Pipeline, if managed properly with the right tool should be the single most accurate predictor of future sales revenue. Do you have gold bullions or lumps of coal in yours?
  • Most top performers are mislabeled. They may be managing more revenue than anyone else but that makes them good account managers not top performers. Take their accounts away, accounts they may have inherited, ask them to go out and sell something and see what happens.
  • Companies with a stable sales organization have a turnover problem – not enough turnover.
  • Are your sales managers doing everything they should be doing to grow your company? Most CEO’s can’t answer this because they don’t know what their sales managers should be doing.
  • The best sales development in the world won’t work if you don’t have the right people in the right roles.
  • The best sales specific pre-employment assessment in the world (mine) won’t help if you don’t have the right pool of candidates.
  • How to Upgrade Your Sales Force? Take the 80/20 rule, the rule that says 80% of your sales force will suck, and get rid of it. Replace it with the 100/0 rule. This rule says that 100% of your sales force will be overachievers.
  • You learned how important empathy is in selling? Yeah, it’s important that your salespeople don’t have it.