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Dave Kurlan featured on the cover of April 2015 Top Sales Magazine

I call Dave Kurlan “Ice-Berg Man” which has nothing to do with his disposition or personality, because actually he has a very warm and engaging personality. It is simply because what you see and hear is just the tip of his vast knowledge of the sales industry, and it is why he is one the top sales experts in the world. I have never shared that nickname with him, but he was bound to find out one day…!

Close More Deals: What’s working for top salespeople today

How do you get a customer to sign on the dotted line? What does it take to make an effective presentation? How can you stand apart from the competition and connect with your prospects? Small businesses face these challenges every day. Some truths—such as focusing on the customer or speaking conversationally to establish rapport—have stood the test of time.

Dave Kurlan wins Gold Medal for Top Sales & Marketing Blog and Top Sales & Marketing Article for 2014

Dave Kurlan’s Blog, Understanding the Sales Force, was honored by Top Sales Awards for the 4th consecutive year, earning the Gold Medal for Top Sales & Marketing Blog of 2014. It was one of five awards that Kurlan won at the 2014 ceremony.