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Kurlan’s Law of Personal Sales Effectiveness

E=AP Effectiveness=Awareness x Persistence

Your awareness is how well you know your sales abilities; your skills and limitations as well as your weaknesses, the issues that prevent you from being as effective as you could be. The better you know those weaknesses and limitations, when they’ll get in your way, how they’ll get in your way, and how to push through them, the greater your awareness.

How to Sharpen Your Edge Using Fear

Would you be surprised to learn that, after 35 years, I experience fear prior to sales calls, presentations, training and speaking engagements? Yeah, I’d be surprised to read that too – except I really do. It’s not debilitating, it doesn’t cause stress or anxiety, it doesn’t prevent me from doing what I need to do and I don’t attempt to overcome it. Why? Because after 35 years, it’s the fear that makes me excel. It’s the fear that makes my speaking engagements so memorable. It’s the fear that makes my training programs so effective. It’s the fear that helps me succeed on my sales calls.

Focus on Revenue

We’re about to enter the final quarter of the year. This is the time when salespeople evaluate their year, determine if they’re on target to goal, and what they need to do in the fourth quarter to be where they need to be. This has been a tough year for a great percentage of salespeople. Whether you were directly or indirectly affected by the financial crisis, you’re probably looking at making up some ground in the fourth quarter despite a very unstable economic outlook. There are many things that you could do to impact your fourth quarter, and a lot of them are bad things. I’ll point out twenty things that you should do:

10 Differences Between Sales Winners and Losers

On Friday I posted an article to my Blog, based on the Red Sox’ miraculous comeback on Thursday evening against the Rays. My focus in that post was on the reaction of the fans but since I can write a more lengthy article here, I’ll focus on the players – Red Sox – who, during 2004, 2007 and so far this post-season, seem to find a way to win.

Selling in the Recession

It’s been advertised. It’s all the media wants to talk about. It’s had an impact on the company you run or work for. Your customers and clients have been affected. Your home and investments have lost value. The recession is here, in full force, and there isn’t a single sign that it’s going to improve soon. So what must you do to not only survive this down-turn, but thrive in it as well? Here are my top 10:

Pick Yourself Up and Dust Yourself Off

Barack Obama uttered those words as part of his inauguration speech – “…pick yourself up and dust yourself off…”

In my mind, there isn’t a group of professionals more suited and more deserving of hearing those very words than salespeople. I have listened to more complaining, excuse making, whining, sob stories and negativity in the last 90 days than at any other time in the 24 years I have been in the sales development business.