Barack Obama uttered those words as part of his inauguration speech – “…pick yourself up and dust yourself off…”

In my mind, there isn’t a group of professionals more suited and more deserving of hearing those very words than salespeople.  I have listened to more complaining, excuse making, whining, sob stories and negativity in the last 90 days than at any other time in the 24 years I have been in the sales development business.


If you’ve watched the movie, “The Secret”, then you know that you attract what you think about and if you are thinking about how tough things are, then that is what you’ll continue to get.  If you haven’t watched “The Secret” yet, this would be a perfect time to buy it and watch it 3-4 times through.

The economy isn’t waiting on Wall Street, rather, Wall Street is waiting on the economy.  The economy won’t turn itself around, we, as a nation, must turn it around.  The new President can’t turn the economy around, the people must turn it around.  And this is how we will turn the economy around:

Salespeople will sell stuff and they’ll get customers to buy stuff.

Would you like to be part of that turnaround or would you prefer to wait for others to get it done?

It is certainly time to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and sell harder and smarter and more creatively, more strategically and more tactically than ever before.  The problem, if there is one, is that most salespeople (all those who entered sales after 1991) have never had to sell against all of the resistance that exists today.  And  most salespeople, even those who sold prior to 1991, have never had to be so creative, strategic or tactical.

So how does one learn to sell more creatively, strategically and tactically, with more determination, focus and commitment than ever?  Why at a Dave Kurlan Recession Busting Boot Camp of course!