Have you seen the movie Paul Blart Mall Cop yet?  It’s Home Alone meets Die Hard.

It has a great analogy to sales – especially in this economic environment.

Blart has to save the hostages, the mall and himself from a group of thugs that has taken over the mall to extract $30 million in credit card sales the day after Thanksgiving. But he has no weapons, no training and no back-up; and it’s one against an entire gang of professionals – who all want to see him dead.

If you are like most salespeople, you have to save your company and yourself from financial ruin by generating new sales in the middle of the worst economy in decades. But you have no weapons, no training and no back-up; and it’s you against an entire marketplace full of professionals – most of whom don’t want to meet you, listen to you or buy from you.

In Mall Cop, Bart gets it done with Desire and Commitment. Desire – he wants it badly enough because his daughter as well as the woman of his dreams are both hostages. Commitment – he’ll do whatever it takes to bring down the bad guys and save his two girls.

In your world, is your Desire and Commitment strong enough to push through this tough time? Do you want it badly enough? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Even if you aren’t comfortable with everything it takes? You had better be. That’s the only way you’ll succeed. And don’t forget the training – today, more than ever, you can’t do what you’ve always done and even expect the same results you’ve always gotten, never mind better results than you’ve always gotten.