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Finding A Way to Succeed

Strategies and Tactics are important – very important, especially in this economy. But even today, they take a back seat to your ability to find a way to get the job done. Whether that job is making appointments, uncovering compelling reasons to buy, getting opportunities qualified, making compelling presentations, dealing with objections or closing, you must find a way to master that part of the sales process.

How to Translate Tiger Woods’ Experiences into Sales Success

I was reading an article about Tiger Woods in Golf Digest. The article explored whether Tiger would be better or worse after he returned from surgery and rehabilitation on his knee. It went on to detail how effectively he played while injured and in great pain, and how much potential he had to be even better when he could move weight to his left leg. It also went on to describe his many potential distractions. Finally, I read a part of the article that talked about how prepared Tiger is for adversity.

What Does Sleep Apnea Have in Common with Sales Improvement?

I have sleep apnea, a common sleeping disorder that affects 12 million Americans.  Apneas occur when you stop breathing, sometimes hundreds of times and for as much as a minute long, during sleep.  Fortunately, getting fitted for what they call a CPAP – a mask attached to a machine that pumps humidified air into your […]

Salespeople Must Comply with New Rules of Engagement by 7-1

This week marks the official end to reacting to the recession. If you haven’t completed your whining, complaining, excuse making, sarcasm, finger pointing, justifying, rationalizing and everything else “if only”, you must have it completely out of your system by Wednesday or face a severe penalty.