Music and Selling – There are Many More Similarities Than You Think

It appears that I have written enough articles about music and selling to include a series about the connection.  One of the constants in the music business is that the artists must choose between writing and recording songs that are either consistent with what made them famous (giving their core audience more of what they want) or adapting and creating music which would appeal to a potentially newer audience (and perhaps alienating their core audience.)  I think that Paul Simon chose the latter and alienated everyone!

We make the same choices in business and, more on topic, in sales.  We must also choose between doing what we’ve always done (and get the same or worse results) or adapting to the changing times in appealing to a younger audience of decision-makers who possess different values, make decisions for different reasons, and go about the process of buying with the internet as their primary source for information and choice.

So, why are so many sales forces continuing to do what they have always done, failing to adapt or choosing what and where to adapt and moving at such a slow pace?

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