The New Way To Train and Develop Salespeople – Does it Work?

There are many ways in which our training delivery model has changed over the years.  These changes include:

Old Way - New Way

The impact of these changes is that salespeople receive less information, less often, but focus more, for a longer period of time, on each important component of the sales process.  The net result is that they reach their potential and generate more revenue more quickly than in the past.  One hour – one topic – one thing to practice – two weeks to practice it.

Simple.  Effective.  It works.   So the formula is LESS, LESS OFTEN = MORE, MORE QUICKLY.

I’ve experienced it first hand with the food and internet access.

With the banquet food, it is clearly give them less (not enough to food in the buffet platters to feed everyone), less often (don’t refill the platters in the buffet line and maybe the people in line will give up), more frequently (at every meal) and get more (profit that is).  Same formula. LESS, LESS OFTEN = MORE, MORE OFTEN.  But there is one exception.  The people won’t return!

As a guest in the hotel, we pay $9.95 per day for internet access in our room, which isn’t very unusual.  However, as a presenter at my own conference, rather than simply grant me access to the wireless internet as value added, they provided two options.  $360 for single-user hard wired access, or $60 for single-user wireless access.  There’s that formula again!  LESS, LESS OFTEN = MORE, MORE OFTEN with the same result as with the food.  People won’t return!

Here’s a twist on the formula.  In this case, it’s a hybrid.  It’s LESS, MORE OFTEN = MORE, MORE OFTEN.

The upcoming Top Sales World Sales & Marketing Success Conference supports this model.  5 Days – 5 Presentations Per Day.  Each presentation is a single topic.  Each presentation is just 30 minutes.  Each presentation is just $5.00 and supports the Japanese relief effort.