Sales Assessment Completion Time May Impact Validity of the Findings

How would you like to influence the development of our never-ending quest for improvement in our suite of world-class assessment tools?  We constantly seek ways to expand our world-class insights, legendary accuracy, and real-world relevance.

I just reviewed some new data that shows the percentage of Sales Candidate Assessments that are completed in a particular amount of time.

assessment times

What I found most interesting about this graph is that the percentage of time outside the norm is about 5%.  That number correlates perfectly with the percentage of assessments that have a low confidence score (when we aren’t confident in our finding because at least one of the internal analyzes we run on the test data indicates that the person may have tried to fake or influence the results) and our predictive validity (95% – highest in the industry).  Suppose this candidate did great on the assessment and was recommended for your position.  Wouldn’t it be cool to learn that it took him 111 minutes to complete the 35 minute assessment and we are discrediting the findings and recommendation?  What do you suppose the candidate did during that 111 minutes?

“Hi Bob, can you call me back. I’m taking a sales assessment and I need to know how to answer a couple questions.  Hurry!”

“Hi Bob, me again.  I have one more question I need help with.  Thanks so much.  I owe you one buddy.”

“Sorry to bother you again Bob.  Can you feed me the answer to one more question? I owe you some tickets to the game.”

Why would someone need helping taking our assessment?  Because the questions are asked in a sales context, not a social context, and your candidates may not know the ideal answers.  As a matter of fact, most salespeople, even veterans, don’t know the best answers because all of the answers could correlate to how they think and act in sales situations – methods and beliefs that aren’t necessarily the best for sales success.

Is there something you would love to know about your next sales candidates?  Tell me what it is and I’ll respond and let you know if we do that already or if we can do that in the future.  You can influence what we report! Here’s an example: “Can you tell us whether our candidate would be able to go into a new market, where we are totally unknown, get through to CEO’s, sell a high-end consulting service that is also priced higher than the well-known competition, and close this business in 2 calls?

If you don’t use Objective Management Group’s assessments, don’t feel left out. Just take one minute (that’s all – I promise) and complete this very simple survey of between 1 and 5 questions.  Non-users only!!!