The Best Sales and Sales Leadership Content of 2023

Welcome to my annual list of the best sales and sales leadership content of 2023.  This year’s list has thirteen entries, including articles, videos, and LinkedIn posts.  There are several categories including Most Read, Most Liked, Most Engagement, Best Quality and Personal Favorite.  Ready?

2023 saw more content than ever before and that certainly includes the sales space.  There were 2 billion Blog posts last year and on WordPress alone, there are more than 400 million Blogs.  That’s a shit ton of competition!  With that in mind, allow me to share the results from 2023.

With the exception of my Personal Favorite, the results below are based on web analytics of nearly 2 million visits to my Blog, Understanding the Sales Force and my LinkedIn posts.

Personal Favorite

What Relationship Builders Do Better Than All Other Salespeople – This article was special because the article included my tribute to my best friend, Matt Hogan, who in 2023, passed away after a four-year battle with ALS.

Best Quality Articles

What Companies Don’t Know about Sales

Top 10 Keys to Determining Your Ideal Win Rates

Can Malcom Gladwell Explain the Sales Hiring Problem?

3 Most Watched Video Rants




Call Openings and Transitions

3 Most Read Articles

What Elon Musk and Great Salespeople Do Differently Than Everyone Else

How to Sell to Major Accounts That Love Your Competitor

Apple Fritters and the 10 Keys to a Successful Sales Transformation

3 Posts with the Most Engagement

What Elon Musk and Great Salespeople Do Differently Than Everyone Else

Top Salespeople are 8600% Better at this than Weak Salespeople

Salespeople Whining They Can’t Schedule Meetings

For what it’s worth, in 2023, videos posted on LinkedIn had significantly more views, likes and engagement than articles.  Look for more videos in 2024 and a fun new self-directed sales course called Movie Night.  This course will skip the theory, instruction and role-play.  In its place I’ll share popular scenes from movies and television that are perfect analogies for the most important moments in the sales cycle.  After that, we’ll be revamping our entire online self-directed Baseline Selling course with fresh new video and instruction.

I’m very excited about 2024!

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