Presidents & CEO’s: 4 Out of 5 Sales Managers Are Ineffective!

A title like, “Presidents & CEO’s: 4 Out of 5 Sales Managers Are Ineffective”, will cause some Sales Directors, Sales VP’s and Sales Managers to click and read the article.  That’s OK, but a spoiler warning:  if you feel threatened by hearing the truth about yourself or your sales team, or would be uncomfortable sharing the truth about you or your team with the President or CEO, you should probably exit this article right now.

4 of 5 sales managers

The actual statistic is more like 82% based on our evaluations of more than 100,000 sales leaders. I wrote something else on this topic earlier this week.

What you don’t know about your sales managers may kill your chances to grow sales.  Do you have a way to objectively evaluate sales management performance?  Most companies don’t because they don’t know and/or don’t have a set of ideal performance metrics or expectations to measure against.  The top 10 Sales Management Functions.

Objective Management Group can answer all of the questions you have about your sales management team and its impact on revenue.  We can even answer the questions you haven’t realized you need to ask.  It’s a no brainer, but there’s a catch…

That same 82% of sales managers, along with many Sales VP’s and Sales Directors, will think to themselves, “No way.  I don’t want any part of an analysis that will show how ineffective I am…”  And half of all Presidents and CEO’s think, “Sales stuff – I delegate that down to my Sales Leaders.”


For everyone: Does this thinking truly help your company grow?

For Sales Leaders: Is your comfort level more important than your results?

For Sales Managers: Does identifying and fixing an area where you need to improve help or hinder your star power?

For Sales Leaders: Can getting the answers you need – often the difference between more of the same and dramatic growth – really be a threat to you?

For Sales Managers: Does getting help really make you appear weak…or smart?

For CEO’s and Presidents: Does it sometimes make sense to take control rather than delegate?

If sales aren’t where you want and/or need them to be and you don’t know why, our Sales Force Evaluation is exactly what you need, right now, and the only tool that can provide objective, accurate, scientific explanations as to why you are getting these results, while recommending what you need to do to change results.

And now you start thinking:

“I don’t have the time.”

“We have other things going on right now.”

“We don’t believe in stuff like this.”

“We don’t like consultants.”

“We are in transition.”

“We have internal people for that.”

Stop thinking like that!  Take a deep breath and make an exception.  Do what 10,000 other companies have done.  Find out what you don’t know about your sales organization today.  You should know whether the current group of salespeople can execute your plan, how much they can increase sales, and what your team will need to do to achieve that growth.  A no brainer.

If you want to know more, Email me. Or, if that’s too threatening, here are some less threatening options:

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