10 Sales Coaching Examples

Consider these nuances when it comes to some of the individuals whom I coach:

  1. TG needs to talk for the first 20 minutes before I can provide 10 minutes of powerful coaching.
  2. DD wants only one question answered in each session and wants to get off the phone ASAP.
  3. KY needs just one takeaway to feel there was value.
  4. XM needs to be whacked over the head at some point during every single session.
  5. DN needs to be told what to do and then he’ll do it.
  6. QI tells me what he will do and needs validation from me.
  7. UD just wants me to tweak what already works in order to achieve marginal improvement.
  8. GC does not want to be told anything at all.  He needs to figure it out himself.
  9. KT needs his self-worth to be validated.
  10. KN needs his current skill gap demonstrated for him.
  11. CL needs me to role-play with him.
Sorry, I know that comes to 11, not 10.
Your system for coaching – the frequency, duration and process – should remain consistent, but it is important to remember these variations.  All of the people whom you coach or should be coaching are unique individuals and need you to work with them in a way that is most beneficial to them, not you.