Top 20 Conditions that Dictate a Sales Force Evaluation

One of our Partners recently said, “We know how comprehensive a sales force evaluation can be, and we know how it works.  We know how powerful the findings and insights are, but when are the conditions right?”

So, the Top 20 Conditions for a Sales Force Evaluation (in no particular order)

  1. Sales Performance/Revenue is Lagging
  2. Questions About the Effectiveness of Sales Management – What Impact are They Having?
  3. Concerns Over Sales Selection/Hiring – Have You Been Hiring the Right People?
  4. Before You Scale – Do You Have the Right Core Around Which to Build?
  5. Prior to Hiring a Sales Manager, Sales VP, Sales Director – What do our People Really Need?
  6. Prior to Mass Sales Recruiting – How Can We Hire People Stronger Than Those We Have Now?
  7. During Due Diligence over/immediately following an Acquisition or Merger – What are We Getting?
  8. To Measure Progress 9-15 Months After the Initial Sales Force Evaluation – Have They Improved and Where Should we Focus Now?
  9. You Want to Accelerate Growth – What Must we do Differently?
  10. Prior to any Sales/Sales Management/Sales Leadership Development/Training/Coaching – What Kind of Help do They Need?
  11. To Learn if Right People are in the Right Roles – How Can We Put Them into Situations Where They Can Succeed?
  12. When Transitioning from a Transactional Model to a Consultative or Solution Based Model – Who Can Successfully Make the Transition?
  13. When You Want the Sales Force to Hunt for More New Business – Who Won’t be Able to Succeed at the Hunting/Prospecting Function?
  14. When You Want to Know How Much Better Your Sales Force Can Become – What is our Upside, How do we Get There and Who Can Be Coached Up?
  15. When You Have Given up on/Supported Non Performers and You Want to Validate Your Instincts – Does the Data Support our Hunches?
  16. When You Need to Know if the Sales Organization Can Execute Your Strategies – We’ve Changed, Can They Change with us?
  17. When You Want to Know if Your Sales Management Team is Aligned on Strategy – Are We Really on the Same Page?
  18. If you Need an Objective Pipeline Analysis – Gold Bullions or Lumps of Coal?
  19. When You Have Sales Teams That Under Perform Compared with Others – What’s the Difference?
  20. When You Want to Know Why You are Losing Business to Competitors – What is the Real Reason – Is it our product/pricing, our strategy or our People?

Copy and paste the 20 conditions into an Excel Spreadsheet and in the second column, indicate which of the conditions exist at your company.  In the third column, indicate what you would be able to do if you had accurate, insightful, predictive intelligence on that particular subject.  If 3 or more conditions exist, you should have your sales force evaluated now!

Because our unique Sales Force Evaluation actually answers and addresses your difficult business questions, you can make much better business decisions and those decisions ultimately drive the needed performance improvements and resulting increase in revenue.