Top 10 Outcomes When Salespeople Screw Up Selling “Value Added”

Value Added Selling is a wonderful thing – sometimes.

First there is the difference between saying you are a value added whatever, then there is whether you actually DO add value, and lastly the biggie, whether your salespeople can actually SHOW value in what they are selling. That’s the only part that really matters – whether your prospects/customers/clients are convinced there is value in your offering.

What happens when your prospects/customers/clients aren’t convinced?

They attempt to purchase your product WITHOUT the value-added piece.  Not only is the value added service more profitable, but it’s usually the piece that helps your customer get value from the product they bought.  And what happens when your salespeople don’t sell the value?  Here are the top 10 Outcomes that occur as a result of weak, untrained, unskilled salespeople who suck at selling value:

  1. They don’t get any business at all.
  2. They only get the product side business.
  3. They only get the low-margin business.
  4. They are seen as vendors, instead of partners or trusted advisors.
  5. Customers aren’t as happy with the product because they didn’t receive the service that helps them configure/use the product in such a way that they are delighted.
  6. If there are renewals involved, customers don’t renew.
  7. If there is competition for the business, this failure greatly helps your competition.
  8. You lose the annuity this business could provide, if any.
  9. You can’t leverage the account for testimonials and referrals.
  10. Your salespeople are likely to repeat this a number of times before you do something about it.

Can you relate to this?