Sales Management – Eagerness vs. Resistance

I received more email from this week’s episode of Meet the Sales Experts than I usually get following the show.  I was trying to understand what we talked about that resonated so well with listeners.

For one, Frank Belzer, my guest, is known for his ability to keep his pipeline filled and he discussed the things that motivate him to consistently do that.

He also talked about his revelations from the training he conducted inShenghai last year.  The Chinese sales management executives were thrilled to hear how they should be managing their salespeople.  Franked talked about how different that audience was from his US audiences where resistance, rather than eagerness to learn, is the norm.

Frank also talked about the vast difference between selling the “why me” – they’re going to buy, but it’s only a matter of from whom – and “why” – they weren’t planning to buy and had no interest until right now.

He finished up with some great advice for salespeople and sales managers.

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