How to Get Business to Fall From the Sky

It’s predictable, phenomenal, and fulfilling. I’m talking about the magic that occurs when you and your salespeople leave their comfort zone and work hard to perform the very activity, behavior and actions which, when left to your own devices, you would choose not to do.  Whether it’s a salesperson who finally:

  • embraces prospecting,
  • begins asking good, tough, timely questions,
  • recognizes the importance of thoroughly qualifying their opportunities
  • actually closes at closing time
  • rises to the occasion when the going gets tough

I’ve been witness to this magic for 37 years and without fail, whenever salespeople finally do what they must do – consistently – even when it’s difficult, it happens.  It’s happened to me.  It’s happened to everyone I’ve ever worked with when they put forth a genuine effort.  So what is this magic I speak of?

Rewards.  Gifts.  Business that comes out of nowhere.  It’s not the stuff you’ve worked so hard on – that’s earned.  You know it’s a gift because it appears from out of nowhere.  When you do what you are supposed to do, you do it with conviction, and it’s something you weren’t consistently doing before, you will be rewarded with business.

I was witness to it once again this month – right in my own company – when one of my colleagues was rewarded with five unexpected projects in the first two weeks of January alone. He was rewarded because he worked harder than ever during November and December, in the face of resistance, at a time when it would have been easier to celebrate Christmas early.

Are you ready to personally experience this magic yourself? What can you begin to do – consistently – that you haven’t been doing?