How Does the Secret of Happiness Affect Sales Motivation?

I just finished reading Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom.  Within its pages, the Reb, the man around whom the story revolves, reveals the secret of happiness.

Be happy with what you have.

OK. So what kind of a dynamic does this create for salespeople?  Salespeople must be happy in order to succeed but we also know that they must want more than what they have in order to be motivated.  What is the balance between being happy and being dissatisfied?

Here’s the ad: Help Wanted – Happy, Dissatisfied Sales Professionals….

They can be dissatisfied with their employer, their results, their income, their home, their car, etc.  But if they are this dissatisfied, won’t they fail to meet the definition of the secret of happiness?

Why don’t you weigh in and help us out on this one?

(c) Copyright 2010 Dave Kurlan