Sales Recruiting – How Long Can You Keep This New Salesperson?

Back in April, I posted an article that was actually my third in a series on Sales Longevity – the science of predicting sales turnover.  In that article I provided a link to my latest White Paper on the subject and suggested that this new science would someday become a new feature in our already cutting edge Sales Candidate Assessments.  Well, that day is upon us.

First, we calculate Ramp-Up, Months to Break-Even and Months to 5xROI for each candidate based on some information we collect from you.  This number changes based on a candidate’s own Ramp-Up Skills which we measure in a formula called Figure It Out Factor (FIOF).

Then we calculate the likelihood that you’ll be able to retain a particular candidate for the months required to 5x ROI based on 5 additional factors:

  1. Your Sales Management Supervision
  2. Your Sales Compensation Method
  3. The Candidate’s Years of Experience
  4. The Candidate’s FIOF
  5. The Candidate’s Sales Quotient

Just think about the implications of this!  You have a very strong candidate, highly recommended but the odds of keeping him around long enough to just break-even aren’t very good.  Now what?

Or you have a candidate that you like, but not as strong as the previously mentioned candidate.  The odds of retaining her through 5xROI are terrific.  Do you hire her?

On Wednesday, August 25, I will host a Webinar at 1:30 PM ET, to unveil the new Longevity Findings in the Assessment.  I hope you can join me!  Click here to register for the Webinar.