Latest Sales Recruiting Breakthrough – Download the New White Paper

About six weeks ago, I started a discussion and asked, How Long Should a Salesperson Stick?  I followed that up with a more researched discussion and provided The Top 5 Factors to Predict Sales Turnover.  Over the past six weeks I have continued to research the two subjects and the results of my work are now available in my brand new White Paper, “Sales Longevity – The Science of Predicting Sales Turnover”.  This White Paper includes formulas for calculating your Ramp-Up Time for New Salespeople, your Months to Break-Even, and your New Salesperson ROI (NSROI)- the number of months you must retain a new salesperson to reach a 10:1 ROI.  The White Paper also discusses how Objective Management Group will utilize this newest research in its Sales Candidate Assessments.  Soon, in addition to a hirable recommendation, OMG will predict the likelihood of being able to retain the new salesperson long enough to reach your NSROI.

Why is this important?  We are hearing loud and clear that companies are ready and willing to hire salespeople again BUT – they don’t want to make any more mistakes.  If you hire a great salesperson but you can’t retain your A Player, on paper, it’s just one more hiring mistake.

So Download the New White Paper and join the discussion – tell us what you think about our latest breakthrough and what it will mean to be able to know with certainty, not only whether a candidate will succeed in a specific role in your business, but also whether you’ll be able to retain him/her long enough to make it worthwhile.