18 Business Trends For Your Sales Force

This week’s edition of Meet the Sales Experts featured a panel of three sales development experts.  My guests were Mark Berezow, Gary Harvey and Rocky LaGrone.  Before they handled one caller’s sales force challenges (excellent stuff) , they commented on the state of business out there right now.

They see:

  • no more tolerance for mediocrity
  • focus on new business development
  • changing strategies
  • more accountability
  • more emphasis on evaluating the sales force to identify the right people
  • lots of movement
  • companies have already cut as much as they can
  • focus on the revenue side of the business
  • gearing up for a great 2010
  • more interest in investing in their people
  • companies will now grow or die and people will go with them
  • can’t move forward without A Players
  • doing what you’ve always done won’t get the results you’ve always gotten
  • cautious optimism
  • companies thought they had salespeople and now recognize they had order takers
  • less overall resistance
  • companies are hiring salespeople right now in a big way
  • manufacturers are releasing PO’s and money

It sure sounds like things are looking up!