Why Some Lousy Salespeople Can’t Get Any Better

Chris Mott returned to Meet the Sales Experts this week and provided us with a show packed with good information.

We were discussing salespeople who don’t improve, aren’t motivated to do better and who resist training, development and coaching efforts of sales managers and outside experts.  Chris said that much of this behavior is due to negative personal experiences that these salespeople had when being sold to by other, basically, horrible salespeople.

So I believe that as a result of this two things happen:

  1. They over compensate for those awful salespeople by simply presenting the facts, features and benefits as they see them.
  2. They avoid important strategies and tactics that are crucial to sales success, believing that  using them would make them like those terrible salespeople who either offended or hurt them.

These salespeople end up struggling in a big way and never understand why.

Chris also provided his revised view of the Economy.  He said we’ve been through massive changes and there are both money and plenty of opportunities out there.  He says there is a belief that once the economy gets better that everything will be good again but that is totally false.  Instead, he said it will require better skills, targeting, effort, and management – but not in the way people are used to doing it.  Chris said that this will be a burden for companies and their sales forces but that anything that forces us to be better is a good thing.

Listen to the show by clicking here.  Contact Chris by clicking here.