One Surprising Key to Selling Value

Gary Harvey, my guest on this week’s episode of Meet the Sales Experts, has great advice for companies that are trying to avoid getting sucked into having the lowest price.  His secret? Purchasing Agents have always told salespeople that they go with the lowest price.  When he asks them why they do this, they always tell him the same thing.  “Because it works on every other salesperson until we met you.

This little secret came up when Gary was relating his story of how he won the Coor’s Brewing account…even though he was competing against 1700 other companies – all with lower prices.  It’s a great story and you can hear the entire story by listening to the show.

He also told a great story about the day got laid off from an engineering job, met the woman who would become his wife, and a week later, prospected her so effectively that it would make today’s salespeople embarrassed – all before he knew how to sell! You can hear this funny story too by listening to the show.

His tips for sales success?

  • Examine both your Conscious and Subconscious Beliefs
  • Remain Open Minded
  • Don’t Pretend That You Have All of the Answers
  • Be Willing to Find Someone Who Can Help You with the Answers
  • Since Beliefs Correlate with Behaviors, Look in the Mirror
  • Recognize Those Beliefs that Don’t Support Your Desired Goals and Outcomes

He shared another great story about calling a company at the 11th hour, just as they were going to sign a contract with a competitor.  Using some great questions, he won this client too and helped them grow by 275%.  Listen to the Show to hear how he did it.

You can contact Gary Harvey by clicking here.

(c) Copyright 2009 Dave Kurlan