Motivation – 3rd of the 10 Kurlan Sales Management Functions

This is the third in my series of the Top 10 Kurlan Sales Management Functions.


Motivating your salespeople comes down to getting them to:

  1. Do what they won’t do on their own;
  2. Change their behavior;
  3. Do more of what they are already doing;
  4. Have more of a sense of urgency;
  5. Over Achieve

The methods for motivating your salespeople include:

  1. Fear – This is much more powerful than you know!  They are afraid of losing their job.
  2. Consequences – What will happen if they don’t do what you need them to?  Develop some consequences today and follow through. You won’t have to follow through more than once!
  3. Their Need for Approval – If they have need for approval, they have it from you and you can use that to your advantage.  Use words like, “I am really disappointed by…”
  4. Their Dreams – What they want more than anything, as in, “how close are you to getting that new boat in the water?”
  5. Compensation – They are money motivated, right?
  6. Incentives – If you structure an incentive program correctly – no more than 90 days, they pick the prize, many categories and many winners – this can be quite powerful.
  7. Public Recognition – for some, nothing is a greater motivator than being recognized throughout the team, region, company, or industry.
  8. Awards – There is a spot on a bookshelf just waiting for that trophy…
  9. Praise – Especially if you don’t give it out very often, what they will do just to hear a positive word from you…
  10. Growth – Often overlooked, some salespeople are there for the growth opportunity and career path.  Think promotions.
  11. Sales Meetings – The most under-utilized, misused, opportunity to motivate, ever!

I have devoted an entire series of articles on Motivating Salespeople.

Here’s a video of me talking about Motivation.


Finally, there is nothing more powerful than finishing every conversation, meeting and interaction with some kind of call to action.

Why not comment below with your favorite motivational success – the thing that motivated you to do something special or the thing that motivated one or many of your salespeople to do something special. You’ll get recognized for it…