Hit More Fairways and Close More Sales

Eric Dunn, my guest on this week’s Meet the Sales Experts Radio Show, stressed the importance of positive self talk, affirmations, and transformation as keys to sales success.

That Eric is a former golf teacher, his philosophy should not surprise anyone familiar with the mental aspect of golf. And during the interview it became clear that Eric knows a thing or two about my sport, baseball, too.  Eric talked about the similarities between golf and selling and at one time he even sold golf equipment.

Eric’s effectiveness as a sales trainer comes in part from the fact that when he began in sales he was reluctant to pick up the phone.  As such, he began a transformation that took him from call reluctant to cold calling monster, a skill that he now passes on to the salespeople he trains.  How did he make that transformation?  Click here to learn the secret of his transformation.

Call Reluctance wasn’t the only thing Eric had to overcome.  He was only 26 when he entered the sales development business and had to overcome the resistance that went with his stature (short) and age (too young).  When you listen to Eric’s interview, you’ll hear why he succeeded against the odds.

His keys to sales success:

  • Attune to the customer – what he’s thinking, why would he buy from me, and what would prevent him from doing business?
  • You can’t do today what you were doing last year – it probably won’t work the same way anymore.
  • You must present both value and viewpoint so that your prospects actually understand it.
  • Listen.
  • Don’t get in the way.