Chinese Salespeople May be the Next Group to Outsell Your Salespeople

What are you going to do when, not only are you out priced, out sourced, out willed, out shipped, and out produced, but also out sold – by the Chinese?

That is the question posed by my Kurlan & Associates colleague, Frank Belzer, who is blogging from Shanghai, where he is spending the week training Asian companies in the art of sales management.

Read more of Frank’s interesting post right here.

Another one of my colleagues regularly visits Bangalore to train their salespeople that call into the US Market.

So now, you not only have to worry about the effects of the economy, global competition, crazy low pricing from desperate competitors, reluctant buyers, cheaper products from the far east, and salespeople who aren’t able to get it done the way they used to, but you also have to worry about getting outsold by salespeople from Asia.

So when will you stop waiting for things to improve and make the improvements to your sales organization? It’s the only thing you can control!

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