Sales Coaching – The Big Differentiator

What’s the difference between great sales coaching and good sales coaching?

Do you talk with your salespeople about strategy, goals, outcomes and potential obstacles?  Do you check with them to make sure they agree?  That’s good sales coaching.

To achieve greatness in your sales coaching you must also address the “how” of the strategy. In other words, what will they say, what will they ask, and how will they respond to the potential challenges?  

When your salespeople either don’t know what the “how” should sound like, or have a sense of it but it isn’t on track, it’s your job to help them come up with the appropriate “how”.

This is where you need to be more effective than they are.  That’s why the best sales coaches were great salespeople in a prior life. This is where you must be able to role play.

Are you a good sales coach or a great sales coach?

(c) Copyright 2008 Dave Kurlan