Management’s Guide to the Top 10 Differences Between Sales Winners and Losers

Friday I wrote this post and today I wrote this longer article about the Top 10 Differences between Sales Winners and Sales Losers.

This post is the sales management version of the article referenced above.

In that article, I asked sales professionals to rate themselves.

In this article, I’ll ask you to rate each of your salespeople using the same scale.  Top producers score 40-50.  B players score 30-40.  C Players score 20-30. Below 20? Losers.

Now, use this scale to rate your sales force.

80-100% A Players – You have an over achieving sales force.  Congratulations!

50-80% A Players – You have a core of A players to build around. You’re on the way.

30-50% A Players – You know what they look like, now go find some more!

Less than 30% A Players – You are working to hard, hoping for more but often getting less and your pushing the 18 wheeler up hill.  You may need to start from scratch!

(c) Copyright 2008 Dave Kurlan