The Death of Selling Revisited

If you’ve been reading this blog since the spring of ’06 then you know I posted about five articles on the various thoughts regarding the death of selling, the death of the sales force, the death of the salesperson, the death of the sales call and the death of the author of the book and the blog about selling.  If you need to catch up, here they are:

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The Death of Selling Part 4
The Death of Selling Part 5

OK. So now that you’re caught up, here comes today’s post from Business Week’s Small Business Online Edition.  Their Top News Story of the Week is titled “Is Cold Calling Really Dead?”  So I started thinking, “here we go again!”  The good news is that based on recent research, cold calling is very much alive for the companies that are serious about finding business and very much dead for the companies that take a passive approach to new business development.  People are getting it and are finally seeing the light that was there all along.

Long live Selling!

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