Category: Tactics – Scoring (Closing)

Eliminating Think it Overs

There are a number of reasons why a prospect might need to think it over at closing time. Some may be valid while some may simply be stalls, put-offs, excuses or objections, indicating that you didn’t uncover the real reason a decision was not made. However, there is one form of “think it over” that you can cause and it is very easy to prevent.

Get What You Want

The last two weeks I’ve discussed asking great questions – two weeks ago, examples of great questions and then last week, a case history showing great questions in action. This week, I’ll combine great questions with another frequent topic, compelling reasons and discuss how to use your questioning ability and compelling reasons to get what you want.

Creating Compelling Reasons

Sometimes, you need to create compelling reasons when your prospects don’t have compelling reasons of their own. An example from last week’s Boot Camp had a prospect whose most compelling reason seemed to be the need to get their systems serviced within four weeks. Important, but not compelling…until the the possibility exists that they may not be able get it done within four weeks…

Overcoming the Think it Over

This week I received a voice mail message from a professional sales trainer (at another firm). He wanted me to know that he used my technique for handling a think it over on his four most recent opportunities and it had worked on 3 out of the four. Before we get to the technique or lessons you should know this. It’s never the technique that actually overcomes a think it over, rather, it’s the technique that provides you with a crutch to hang in long enough so that you can learn why your prospect hasn’t made a decision yet. Once you know why, you can ask questions, eliminate obstacles, fears, and misunderstandings, and close again.

Sales is Like an Obstacle Course

If you sell, then you encounter obstacles every step of the way. There are the prospects you can’t get through to, the same ones who don’t return your calls, and those who offer so much resistance that the obstacle appears to be more like a road block than an obstacle.