Last week we discussed one way of eliminating “think it overs” at closing time by eliminating options. This week I’ll discuss the way to handle the “think it overs” you might still get at closing time.

If you have followed the Baseline Selling process and touched all the bases, you should have eliminated all of the potential objections prior to reaching third base which, by definition, means you have a completely qualified opportunity and you are completely qualified to do business with your prospect.  When you run home you have provided a needs and cost appropriate solution that solves your prospects’ problems and addresses their compelling reasons to buy.  So when you finally use the Inoffensive Close, it should be a simple formality to get the business.

But nothing works all the time and not all prospects will be closed when you attempt to close them.  Rather than repeating your features and benefits (sounds like a hard sell) or arranging for a follow up call (the only one thinking it over is you) it’s important to find out what the real problem is.  You can easily do that by using my Rule of Triple Elimination.  While the detailed version can be found in the chapter on Scoring, the simple, short version has you saying, “I must have presented an inappropriate solution”.  In reality, if you listened effectively on your way to 2nd Base, this wouldn’t have happened and your prospect will affirm that the solution was appropriate.  Next you would say, “If it’s not the solution then I must have misunderstood and presented a solution that was more than you said you could spend”.  Once again, if you asked the right questions and listened effectively on the way to 3rd base, this wouldn’t have happened either and your prospect would affirm your pricing.  Lastly, you would say, “Well if it isn’t the solution or the price, the only thing that leaves is me.  Am I the problem?”  Prospects will never reject you personally and that finally allows you to say, “Well if it isn’t me, I’m stumped.  What could it be?”  You’ll finally have your  reason why and then you can start selling again.

As I mentioned, reread the chapter on Scoring and you’ll find all the details you need.