Is Benchmarking or Perfect Fit Analysis More Predictive for Selecting Great Salespeople?

Last week, I published a case history on a company that we nicknamed, BigBrains. Many readers emailed asking if we could perform this analysis for them (yes, in most cases) and whether this would be considered benchmarking (no). In this article, I will actually show you the difference between benchmarking and the Perfect Fit Analysis that we use as proof to clients and to customize Objective Management Group’s (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessments. We use the Perfect Fit Analysis to achieve our legendary accuracy when predicting who will and won’t succeed in each sales role at each client’s company. First, you absolutely must go back and read Part 1 so that you can see how we arrived at a predictive accuracy rate of 83% (on selecting college graduates that would succeed as Sales Development Reps) at BigBrains. While that’s actually less accurate than our norm, when it comes to doing it with college grads, I think it’s truly amazing! Now, let’s compare that result to what happens when benchmarking is utilized.

Benchmarking is the method of choice for assessment companies that produce traditional personality and behavioral styles assessments. Those generic, non-role-specific assessments were never designed for sales, are not really for sales today, and only their marketing makes you think they can be used for sales selection. The only things they ever changed in all of those assessments are the names of the findings. They still measure personality traits and behavioral styles, still ask the same questions that have been asked for decades and those questions are still rooted in a social context, not sales or business. The limitations, as a result of their assessments being non-specific to sales, requires that you test your top performers so that they can look for common traits. Their theory is that after finding commonalities among your top performers, you can look for new salespeople with the same traits and they should perform well.

Really? Let’s try that with BigBrains! Had we benchmarked the BigBrains top performers, we would have started with around 100 findings and scores and narrowed them down to these findings that were common to their top performers. As you can see, all greens (strengths) and all reds (weaknesses), but clearly complete commonality!

I have always known that benchmarking doesn’t work for sales, so just for kicks, let’s see how their bottom performers scored when we used the exact same findings…

As you can see, (I apologize for being unable to get the columns to align perfectly) the bottom performers have nearly identical strengths and weaknesses to the top performers.  And that is the very reason why, despite the decades long practice of benchmarking top performers, personality and behavioral styles assessments consistently fail to be predictive of sales performance. I’ve been saying this for 25 years! The problem with looking at only the top performers, and then looking for common personality traits, is that inevitably, the bottom performers will have the same attributes as those you identify in the top performers. Benchmarking to predict sales success will nearly always produce a false positive. As Rocky LaGrone says, “It’s like identifying the tallest midget!”

Now let’s take a look at how those same findings – which will not be effective for identifying top performers – compare with the findings we actually used as the final criteria for the perfect fit analysis.


Used in Benchmark
of Top Performers 
and %
of Top Performers with Finding

% of Bottom Performers
with that Finding

Finding Used in our Final
Perfect Fit Analysis

Longevity Likely or Highly LikelyYes  – 100% as Strength50%Yes
Strong Desire for Success in SalesYes – 100% as Strength75%Yes w/score >82
Takes Responsibility for Sales ResultsYes – 100% as Strength75%No
Enjoys SellingYes – 100% as Strength83%No
Highly Motivated for SalesYes – 100% as Strength100%No
Supportive Selling Beliefs Yes – 100% as Weakness83%No
Supportive Buy Cycle Yes – 100% as Weakness83%No

Comfortable Having a
Financial Conversation

Yes – 100% as Weakness83%Yes w/score >32
Rejection ProofYes – 100% as Strength83%No
Sales DNA Yes – 100% as Weakness83%Yes w/score >62
Closer CompetencyYes – 100% as Weakness83%Yes w/score >32
Farmer CompetencyYes – 100% as Weakness83%No
Sales PosturingYes – 100%  as Strength33% Yes w/score >47
CoachableYes – 100% as Strength100%No
Competition ResistantYes – 100% as Weakness100%No
High Ticket SellerYes – 100% as Weakness83%No
Doesn’t Need Prospects to Like ThemNon/aYes w/score >74
Controls Emotions on Sales CallsNon/aYes w/score >77
Hunter CompetencyNon/aYes w/score >66
Consultative Seller CompetencyNon/aYes w/score >55
Qualifier CompetencyNon/aYes w/score >39
Account Manager CompetencyNon/aYes w/score >40
Figure it Out Factor (Will Ramp up Quickly)Non/aYes w/score >55
Sales Skills %Non/aYes w/score >41
Sales Strengths %Non/aYes w/score >54
Sales Weaknesses %Non/aYes w/score <50

As you can see, most of the findings, that were common to the top performers, were either not used at all or they were modified to be used with a cutoff score. Our Perfect Fit Analysis looks for the findings, scores and cutoffs that differentiate the tops from the bottoms; therefore, we don’t accidentally identify findings that bottom performers are likely to have as well. In addition to that is the fact that all of our findings are sales-specific! There is not a single behavioral style or personality trait in the list. You could argue that the need to be liked and controlling emotions are personality traits or behavioral styles, but we aren’t asking the questions in a social context – purely in the context of sales calls and meetings – so even those two findings are specific to how they affect salespeople when they are actually selling.

So OMG already has the most predictive sales candidate assessment on the planet, has earned the Gold Medal for Top Sales Assessment for 4 consecutive years, and we can prove it out for every selling role, calling on every level of decision maker, against every type of competition, at any price point, with any sales cycle, with any form of price sensitivity, with any level of resistance, at every company, and in more than 200 industries. And to make sure that it’s as predictive as can be, we can conduct a Perfect Fit Analysis too.

Why would you allow the least bit of uncertainty to creep into your sales selection process if you can be both certain and confident when using OMG? Click here to check out OMG’s Sales Candidate Assessments and see how much time and money we can save you and your company.