Actual Coaching Call – Use it to Coach Your Salespeople to Success

74% of all salespeople suck, so most salespeople need a lot of help, yet training and coaching are only two pieces of the puzzle.  Most of our sales training sessions include a significant amount of spontaneous role playing that provide ample opportunities for us to coach the salespeople who are participating.

While most of these role-plays and coaching moments are memorable, impactful and terrific learning events for everyone on the sales team, some of these conversations tend to be more memorable than others.

In an extremely popular article, This is How Sales Managers Should Coach Their Salespeople, I outlined exactly how to coach salespeople to success and as its example, discussed a salesperson in a competitive situation.

The trimmed recording from which that coaching session took place contains the moment in question and runs about 5 minutes but it is so worth the listen.

Click here to listen.

It is easy to learn how to have a conversation like this and we make forty of them available in our advanced self-directed course.  The spontaneous role plays in the advanced course cover every stage in the sales process and most selling scenarios.  Learn more here.

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